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// Our Product //

Polyester Mesh/ Nylon Mesh

We enhance their manufacturing processes with high-quality polyester mesh and nylon mesh solutions. Engineered for superior performance, our mesh offers exceptional strength, durability, and precise filtration capabilities. Ideal for various industries including filtration, screen printing, and automotive, our meshes provide reliable and efficient material separation. With advanced manufacturing techniques and a wide range of mesh counts and thicknesses, we deliver customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Experience improved productivity, enhanced product quality, and cost savings with our reliable polyester mesh and nylon mesh. Trust our expertise and industry-leading reputation.

// Types //

Polyester Mesh/ Nylon Mesh Types

Used for containment, reinforcement, separation and protection in many industrial and commercial applications

Hdpe/ nylon mesh

Polypropylene has several features that make it one of the most popular materials for hernia mesh.

Polypropylene mesh

Polyester mesh fabrics can be more easily dyed because they are hydrophobic—they repel water. the material absorbs the pigments in the dye while expelling the water.

Polyester mesh

elevated temperatures or highly caustic environments. consist of a woven fiberglass and are coated with a PTFE resin.


Ptfe netting

flexible and springy, will not roll or sag, and, yet, it is still considered very durable and strong.

Diamond Nylon Mesh

It is widely used in electronics, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverages, paints, paper industry, automobile manufacturing, inks, resins, water treatment and other fields.

Micron Nylon Mesh

The most innovative product, first time in India!!

Better Protection, Better Security & Better Everything