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Polyurethane Screen/ Pu Mesh

We Are expertise in high-tensile polyurethane screens has resulted in extensive range of products designed to suit your particular screening requirements. With customizable designs and superior quality, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Experience increased productivity, improved product quality, and cost savings with our reliable polyurethane screens and PU mesh. Partner with our knowledgeable team for exceptional customer support and industry expertise. Our dedicated team and advanced manufacturing techniques ensure reliable solutions and prompt customer support. Trust our industry expertise and elevate your manufacturing operations with our polyurethane screens and PU mesh.

Some common Panel sizes for dewatering:

  • 300 x 300
  • 600 x 300
  • 900 x 300
  • 1200 x 300
  • 1500 x 300
  • 300x 648
  • 325 x 648
  • 300 x 743
  • 329 x 743

Apperture: 0.15MM – 100MM.

// Types //

Polyurethane Screen/ Pu Mesh Types

A dewatering screen is a screening media that is designed to facilitate solid-liquid separation, allowing water to be drained from freshly washed or mined sediment. A screen  generally be designed to dewater particles ranging from 4 to 325 mesh.

Dewatering Screen

Polyurethane flip flow screen mats is also called flip flop screen mats or flip flop screen panels. It is made of these panels which are perforated in to square, slot, or round apertures. 

PU Flip flop Screen

Polyurethane Screens made from these materials are longer lasting and reduce noise and are self-cleaning. Their modular layout and conical openings prevent the screen from clogging and they are very suitable for wet sorting and dewatering.

PU Modular Screen

Bucket Panels screens quickly became popular for its use in Bucket wheel classifiers to improve the quality of sand by washing out impurities mixed with sand.

Bucket Panel

The screens are made of spring steel or stainless steel wires kept at the right distance by polyurethane strips. The polyurethane strips are usually in a position which corresponds to that of the traverses of the sieving machine.

Self Cleaning Mesh with PU Strips

The wide assortment of industrial PU machinery part is fabricated using premium quality raw material and most advanced technology. Polyurethane pressure-pads, Polyurethane rods are used in press tools.

Spare Pu Parts

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